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lose something?

Updates to the SHS Lost and Found Website are posted several times weekly. Entries are recorded by calendar month as follows:

  • Found items at SHS are usually Hospital Property or Patient Property

  • Hospital Property includes items such as monitoring equipment of various types, cables, instruments, TV remote controls, cubicle curtains, slings, etc.

  • Patient Property is items found such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, dentures, personal clothing, etc.

  • Pictures of items are only included when possible.

  • To report a missing item or claim an item listed on our website, click the respective links above, which will direct you to an email address for support

  • Items will be posted here for 60 days and then removed

  • We will contact you only if an item has been reported lost, identified and claimed

  • Items can be picked up at our offices during normal business hours Monday-Friday

  • Please see the Contact Us tab on SHS's website for directions to our facility

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