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Shared Hospital Services is a locally owned-and-operated textile processing facility serving the healthcare linen needs of its clientele in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia and Northeast North Carolina. The mission of Shared Hospital Services is to provide superior laundry and linen services through a world-class system of management and distribution that maximizes linen utilization, promotes safety, and contributes to a positive patient experience.

We use the latest technologies available to the healthcare laundry industry. Shared Hospital Services is a highly automated facility, specializing in logistics, inventory management, lean manufacturing, and we are among the industry leaders in reducing our carbon footprint.


The healthcare laundry industry is essentially one of the original green industries, promoting from the get-go the use of reusable textile products over disposable, single-use paper products – a paramount issue evermore so in today's environment.   

We're connected. 

Shared Hospital Services is a member of the International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM). IAHTM is a network of senior-level experts in textile management who regularly interact to share ideas and information for the mutual and continuing success of their respective healthcare laundry cooperatives and, in turn, their clientele. Through IAHTM membership, laundries are able to improve expense management and optimize laundry performance. Membership services approximately 7,000 healthcare facilities in the US and Canada, processesing more than 800 million pounds of clean linen each year.

We're accredited.

Shared Hospital Services is accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). HLAC is a nonprofit organization that inspects and accredits laundries that process reusable textiles for healthcare facilities based on the highest, professionally recognized standards for patient safety and infection prevention, including federal regulations and guidelines as well as best industry practices. HLAC accreditation means Shared Hospital Services has successfully passed inspection of the following: our facility, policies and procedures, training programs, and our relationships with our healthcare customers. 

We're cutting edge.

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